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VW - Meet The Volkswagens

I started at Crispin Porter as a DFX artist in Miami, creating and producing images for most brands we had at the time. But the 2008 crisis hit and the agency stopped. After sitting on my desk doing nothing for three weeks, I decided to do something about it. I started having ideas for how we (CP+B) could partner with our brands to fight the crisis and after a couple weeks of work, I created a PDF and "stunt-emailed" it to Alex Bogusky and Andrew Keller. A couple days later I got an email back from Alex asking if I would like to become an Art director and move to Boulder. But before doing it, they wanted to test me first. I was assigned to work with Ryan Kutcher helping  on ideas, comps and design for a VW campaign. To start, I suggested a campaign name and they liked it. "Meet the Volkswagens." It was officially my first job as an Art Director, at the end it helped me on getting my ticket to Boulder.


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