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Spam - Sizzle Pork And Hmm

Did you know that right now, as you read this, the pantries of one-third of American homes contain Spam? Using 2016’s tally of 125.82 million households in America, that comes to nearly 43 million homes with a can of  Spam on the shelf. Maybe they’re saving it for an emergency. Maybe it’s there for when they run out of groceries. Or maybe Americans simply have too much faith in Spam’s theoretically unlimited shelf life. Which is why the we created a TV campaign that has quietly lifted the lid on Spam. Actually, it wasn’t so quiet. Not only did Spam air its new ads in select markets during the 2017 Super Bowl, its new appeal is all about noise—specifically, the sizzling sound a slice of Spam makes when it hits a hot frying pan. 


Together with the TV spots, we launched a sweepstakes social campaign on Facebook Live. Home Sizzling Network was produced QVC-style to promote sizzling Spam as currency. The Spam fans loved the idea, grabbed their forgot cans from inside their pantries and sizzled the product. Pics and videos of  Spam being sizzled populated social platforms, helping to change the visual perception of the canned meat, promoting a new and tasty way to present Spam.



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